June in the Garden

It's been a while since I posted on the garden.  We added a new little person to our household and I took a year off from blogging and most garden work.  He will be 6 months old in June and things are finally starting to feel normal so I'd like to get back to posting, … Continue reading June in the Garden


April in the Garden

This morning I gave myself the assignment to photograph the garden for my monthly Garden Post.  Guess what Mother Nature decided to throw at me? Hail!  Then, it rained and even snowed a bit.  Such is spring in Utah.  Things warmed up and dried out this afternoon so I could get semi-decent photos.  It was … Continue reading April in the Garden

March in the Garden

I really can't believe it's March already and time for another garden update.  The year is flying by.  Not much is growing in the main garden, but the snow is all melted. The covered garden box is where all the action is. A small child with a stick and no shoes, that's how you know … Continue reading March in the Garden

February in the Garden

Not much has changed in my garden since January. Everything is still cold, frozen, and snowy. Although, the day after I took these pictures we did receive more snow. I dislike the dead-grass-no-snow aspect of Utah winters. If it is sooo cold, there needs to be lots of snow! But, that's just winter in the … Continue reading February in the Garden

January in the Garden

There is not much going on in my garden this time of year. A languishing snowman. Bare raspberry canes. Everything is covered in snow and ice and it only gets above freezing a few hours most days. Sunflower seeds for the winter birdies enjoyment. Food is scarce for them in these conditions. I'm planning on … Continue reading January in the Garden