June in the Garden

It's been a while since I posted on the garden.  We added a new little person to our household and I took a year off from blogging and most garden work.  He will be 6 months old in June and things are finally starting to feel normal so I'd like to get back to posting, … Continue reading June in the Garden


May in the Garden

Things are really starting to happen in the garden this month.  We have the main Garden all prepped and ready.  I'll be getting everything planted over the course of the next two weeks.  The teepee in the back is support for my pole beans. The strawberries are starting to flower.  Hopefully we will have a … Continue reading May in the Garden

April in the Garden

This morning I gave myself the assignment to photograph the garden for my monthly Garden Post.  Guess what Mother Nature decided to throw at me? Hail!  Then, it rained and even snowed a bit.  Such is spring in Utah.  Things warmed up and dried out this afternoon so I could get semi-decent photos.  It was … Continue reading April in the Garden

Spring Planting of Uncovered Garden Box

On Monday I pulled out all the wooden slats I've been collecting, a handful of screws, the husbands drill, a measuring tape, and a handsaw.  I cut my pieces to size, pre-drilled holes, and screwed it all together. Wala!  A beautiful grid for my garden box.  Built by little ole me.  Power tools and girl … Continue reading Spring Planting of Uncovered Garden Box