Menu Plan: Thursday, May 8th

This week I'm doing a little pantry challenge and not going grocery shopping. I've spent a lot the last few weeks and we are fairly well stocked on everything. All the meals will come from my pantry and garden. Here's the meal plan for this week: Thursday: Velvety Vegetable Soup, Artisan Bread, Salad Friday: Homemade … Continue reading Menu Plan: Thursday, May 8th


Menu Plan: Thursday, April 17th

I'm declaring this week a freezer stocking week. Several of our dinners I will be doubling and stashing the extra in the freezer and other elements of meals we will be making big batches of and stashing. I haven't done this in a while and I can really tell the difference. Here's the general plan: … Continue reading Menu Plan: Thursday, April 17th

Menu Plan: Thursday, April 10th

Last week I shared my breakfast menu plan, today I'll share the lunch plan.  When I don't have a plan for lunch I have a few carnivorous beasts who prefer the same thing day, after day, after day.  One picks quesadillas the other chooses peanut butter and jelly.  Boring.  I'm trying to vary their diet. … Continue reading Menu Plan: Thursday, April 10th

Menu Plan: Thursday, April 3rd

A good friend of mine asked what we do about breakfast around these parts, so I thought I'd share the plan.  Now, we don't always stick to the plan.  Sometimes cereal is on sale (so we eat way too much of that), sometimes I don't feel like cooking in the morning, sometimes the Husbands whips … Continue reading Menu Plan: Thursday, April 3rd

Menu Plan: Thursday, March 27th

Final week of my little self-imposed pantry challenge.  We have exactly $1.27 left in the budget for the month, but that's okay because on Tuesday we start all over with a fresh month.  Plus, there is plenty of food in the pantry even if some of it is a little boring. (Spaghetti again!) I can't … Continue reading Menu Plan: Thursday, March 27th