My number one storage item: Water

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Just last week two cities in my area were ordered to boil all their culinary water.  The cities supply contained traces of E. Coli and Coliform Bacteria.  They will likely have to do this for a whole week or more.  Not fun! And NOT a rare occurance.

The number one item on my “Get Prepared” list is water storage.

Do you know why?  Dehydration, followed closely by death, happens super quick and water sources are easily contaminated.  Having access to a trusted supply in major to minor emergencies is essential.

My plan:

  1. Have 7 gallons drinking/cooking water for each family member.  (I have these Aqua-Tainer 7 Gallon Rigid Water Containers from Reliance Products.  They stack great and all I need is one per person.)
  2. Have 55 gallon barrel of water for cleaning purposes.  (I have one like this: Augason FarmsTM Emergency Water Storage Kit.)
  3. Have a case or two of commercially bottled water as a back-up.
  4. Rotate the water in the Aqua-tainers and the bottled water at least annually.


How am I doing with said plan?

I only have six of eight needed Aqua-tainers and only three are currently filled with water.  Bad I know.  Two are brand new and need to be washed and filled and one has a broken valve that I need to get a replacement part for.  Washing and filling is on my TO DO list this week and I will buy two new containers and a valve in the coming months.

My big water barrel is currently sitting empty in my garage.  We are in the middle of finishing the basement and storage room so we had to move it for that, but once everything is finished down there the barrel will be moved back down and filled up.

There is NO commercial bottled water in my house.  Sigh.  The kids used the last of it up this past month with all the end of school activities.  But, that’s okay, as the case I had was a little over a year old and needed to be rotated anyway.  I’m on the outlook for a sale on bottled water.  In the past I’ve found the store brand for $2.50 for a 24pk. of 16oz. bottles.  Crossing my fingers for a sale soon.

I rotated the water in the Aqua-tainers in April so they are good.

Yes, I have lots to do on the water storage front.  I’ll check back here on the blog in a few months and hopefully be doing better.

How about you?  Do you have a plan for emergency water storage?  Care to share?


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