June in the Garden


It’s been a while since I posted on the garden.  We added a new little person to our household and I took a year off from blogging and most garden work.  He will be 6 months old in June and things are finally starting to feel normal so I’d like to get back to posting, and gardening, more regularly.

May was crazy rainy in my neck of the woods.


A few seeds are starting to come up, but I’m afraid I may have to replant a large portion of the garden boxes.  There was no Spring Garden because of the baby and I really missed it.  None of the herbs I planted around Mother’s Day have come up yet.  Too much water is not a good thing!


My husband took a day off work and helped me set up my drip system.  Last year we had half the garden on a timed drip system and it worked absolutely wonderful.  All my plants did great and I didn’t have to worry about watering while I was off on vacation.  We finished adding the garden boxes to the system and I’m excited to see how well they do.


The raspberries and other perennial bushes loved all the moisture in May.  I’ll have lots of berries soon.

IMG_1155And the strawberries are starting to turn so I need to put my net up so the birds don’t eat them all.


The blackberry bushes are doing great.  Remember how they looked last year?


They have the sweetest white blossoms on them.  I would plant them just for the beautiful flowers.  Fruit is a bonus.


The rhubarb we planted with the blackberry bushes have given us a few ribs.  I’m waiting for the root system to get a little stronger before I take major quantities.


That’s a little peek into our Garden this year.  How about you?  Are you planting/harvesting anything fun this year?


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