Adding Compost and other Frugal Accomplishments

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R Compost

Bought a yard of compost for the garden and flower beds.  Only spent $20 and I’m fairly certain we got a lot more than a yard.  The place we got it from filled my father-in-laws truck to the brim and more and we were able to spread it thicker and over more space than my calculations said we should have so I feel very blessed.

adding compost

Harvested lettuce, spinach, cilantro, radishes, and chives from the garden boxes.

Ground around 28 pounds of wheat in my NutriMill Grain Mill.  I split it into 4 – 75 oz. bags and stashed in the freezer to be used over the next 4 weeks to make bread.  Another 75 oz. portion went to make this weeks 6 loaves of bread.  Then, the leftover portion went to make 5 pancake mixes and a small stash for other baking in the upstairs freezer.  I try to only grind once a month or less because it is messy, loud, and time consuming.  But, doing my own is cheaper, fresher, and healthier than buying at the store so I make the time.

Every month or so I make up pancake mixes in quart jars and stash in my pantry for quick easy breakfasts (or dinners, ahem).  I simply layer all the dry ingredients for our favorite recipe plus powder milk and all we have to add is eggs, oil and water.  Such a simple thing, but it saves a lot of time in the morning (and dishes) and it only takes a few minutes to compile the mixes assembly style.  Plus, it is quite a bit cheaper than the store bought mixes and taster too.


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