Tomato Seedlings and Other Frugal Accomplishments

tomato seedlings

Prepped some 2-liter bottles I have been collecting to use as pots for my tomato seedlings.  I started the plants several weeks back and they have outgrown their containers.  I’ll transplant them to these larger pots for the next month or until it is warm enough to plant them outside.  I just cut the bottle in half and used a drill to punch holes in the bottom for drainage.  I may or may not have planted way too many, 18 plants at last count.

I have lots of gardening planned for this week so I hope the weather cooperates.  We’ve been having lots of strange spring weather;  wind storms, rain, lovely warm days, snow, cool days, you name it.  Last week I didn’t get out much and I could totally tell a difference in my mood.  I’ve decided gardening is my depression therapy.  So much cheaper than a pill and works just as good (in my case anyway).  I’m shooting for an hour a day outside this week.

Birthday cake and ice cream served on regular plates instead of paper.  Made the cake from scratch but, didn’t love the recipe so I will need to keep trying to find a good one.

Made six loaves of bread.

Mended a little boys church shirt.

Stayed at home several days this week.  Since we’ve been having fairly nice weather lately the husband has been riding his bike and the train to work everyday leaving me with the car.  We only save money on this arrangement if I don’t use the car either.  I’ve tried to limit my use to Tuesdays and Thursdays when I have carpool and run my other errands.

The kids have also started walking to school in the morning.  We have been dropping them off because of the morning cold.  They already walk home from school.


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