Planting Blackberry Bushes

A long time ago I decided that all the plants in my backyard, minus a small patch of lawn for the kids to play on, would be edible.  I envisioned fruit trees and berry bushes, vegetable patches and herb gardens.  Lest you think I’m terribly crazy and taking on more than I can possibly care for, with five little people in tow, let me remind you our house sits on a lovely .16 acres.  So, no orchards and no acre big potager for me, but I am determined to make the most of every inch I have.

All those plants take effort and money to establish so I have been taking it a little at a time.  This year I’m adding blackberry bushes and rhubarb to my collection of perennial plants.  Read more about my garden plan for this year here.

I ordered the plants back in January from Burpee and they arrived last week.  They ship your plants at the proper time for planting.


I have to admit the first time I ordered (bareroot) plants online I was a little shocked to have them delivered in a brown paper bag, but I guess they know what they are doing.   Inside are a few sticks with roots cushioned in damp wood shavings (the other bag is my rhubarb tubers).

Blackberry bushes

Weird, huh!  Basically, you plant the stick in the mud and wait for it to grow.  Ain’t gardening fun?  It is a little more involved and technical than that, but not much.

stick in mud

Hopefully, in a year or so we will have a lovely harvest of blackberries from my little sticks in mud.

And, I know it works because two years ago my raspberries were the same little mud sticks and they turned out pretty well.



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