Family Vacation and Other Frugal Accomplishments

Cut 3 little boy’s hair and 1 daughter’s bangs.

Discovered my local Walmart has a 5 dozen box of eggs priced at $4.87 and has had it at that price for several months now.  Yippee!  I’m hoping it stays that way for a while.  My people can eat a dozen at a sitting so we always buy lots when we can.

This past week, during the kid’s Spring Break, we went on a little family vacation.  We took our travel trailer down south to Moab.  We paid $100 for a camp spot with full hook-ups (water, electricity and sewer).  If we went with-out hook-ups it would have been cheaper or free, but we felt like splurging. All our food was from home and prepared in the trailer’s full kitchen, plus we added a couple of treats the kids never get like fruit snacks, licorice, and Cheetos.  The only other cost was gas and a $10 entrance fee to Canyonlands National Park.  A pretty cheap getaway for four nights and seven people.


On our trip we took long drives, played at public parks, played board games and cards, had picnics in the desert,


hiked to Native American ruins,


hiked to petroglyphs


and pictographs,


hiked to arches, and my daughter rappelled from an arch with my brother (who is the experienced one with all the equipment).  All free activities.

Photo Credit:  My Husband.


2 thoughts on “Family Vacation and Other Frugal Accomplishments

    1. The husband and I both grew up camping with our families, so it is natural that we go together. Good luck getting your husband to go, people seem to love it or hate it.


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