Toss Diagram

Since we added the compost bin into the mix of “ways to dispose of stuff” at our house my kids have been having a difficult time keeping everything straight.  Several times a day I hear: “Mommmm! Where do I put ______?”  You see, we now have a garbage can, a recycle bin, a compost bin, and a DI box.  Since necessity is the mother of all invention I made them a chart.

Oh, yes I did.  I call it the “Toss Diagram.”

Through a series of simple questions they can decide for themselves where that piece of “stuff” needs to go.  I am assuming, of course, they have already decided the thing in question doesn’t need to be put away, but does indeed need to be disposed of.  This will teach them more organization and responsibility…right?

All of the bins are now clearly labeled and known to everyone in the house.

I thought you might like to take a gander and maybe download the chart for yourself.

Toss Diagram Thumbnail

Toss Diagram

 Have a Happy Tuesday!


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