Menu Plan: Thursday, April 3rd

A good friend of mine asked what we do about breakfast around these parts, so I thought I’d share the plan.  Now, we don’t always stick to the plan.  Sometimes cereal is on sale (so we eat way too much of that), sometimes I don’t feel like cooking in the morning, sometimes the Husbands whips up his famous hash-browns (then we have a really big breakfast) etc., but this is the general plan.

Eggs, Toast, Fruit
Cereal, Fruit (x2)
Oatmeal Bar
Pancakes, Meat (sometimes), Fruit
Yogurt, Granola, Sweet Bread or Muffins
Breakfast Burritos

Everything is super quick and easy to make.  I’m not a great morning person, although I’m working on it, so easy is the name of the game.  Most of the fruit is bananas or home canned peaches, pears or applesauce with an occasional seasonal fresh find thrown in for fun.  I’m trying to expand to a two week rotation, so if anyone has a yummy, easy, cheap, kid friendly breakfast menu let me know!

Our dinner plan for the week:

Thursday: Velvety Vegetable Soup, Artisan Bread, Salad

Friday: Sweet and Sour Chicken, Rice

Saturday: Breakfast Burritos, Fruit

Sunday: Roast Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Veggies, Rolls, Cranberry Sauce

Monday: Chicken Cordon Bleu, Rice, Gravy, Peas and Carrots, Rolls

Tuesday: Hot Dogs, Chips, Dip and Carrot Sticks

Wednesday: Out

MP Thursday

I’m linking to Org Junkies weekly round-up of menu plans. Check them out!


2 thoughts on “Menu Plan: Thursday, April 3rd

  1. Often I will make ahead French toast and freeze enough pieces for our family’s breakfast. It heats up well in the toaster. There’s another idea, hope it helps. I’m not a morning person either so love quick breakfasts.


    1. French toast sounds yummy. My problem would be the saving part. Between the kids and myself leftovers don’t last long. I’ll keep it in mind, thanks!


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