April in the Garden

This morning I gave myself the assignment to photograph the garden for my monthly Garden Post.  Guess what Mother Nature decided to throw at me?

Snow Garden

Hail!  Then, it rained and even snowed a bit.  Such is spring in Utah.  Things warmed up and dried out this afternoon so I could get semi-decent photos.  It was still freezing and drizzly so forgive some of the blurry photos.  I was in a hurry.

Main Garden

The Main Garden is all tilled ready for some new dirt on the bottom level.  Potatoes will be getting planted shortly.  Grass and strawberries are greening up.

Uncovered Box

The Uncovered box is still pretty boring since I just planted it last week.  But, take a look at the baby Kale from under the jar.

Baby Kale

Doesn’t it look lovely?  Especially since it was hailed on this morning.

Covered Box

The Covered box is doing well considering the plastic blew off in one of the storms last week.  I replaced it in time and fixed the problem.

Radishes Ready

The radishes are ready for harvest.

Side Yard

The raspberries are greening up.  Apparently, “greening” is a word, so says my spell check.  I thought I made it up.

Tulips poping

You can just barely see the buds starting to form down deep in my tulips.

Lilac Bud

My lilac bush, and other trees, all have big beautiful buds on them.

Hooray for Spring!


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