Spring Planting of Uncovered Garden Box

Garden box with grid

On Monday I pulled out all the wooden slats I’ve been collecting, a handful of screws, the husbands drill, a measuring tape, and a handsaw.  I cut my pieces to size, pre-drilled holes, and screwed it all together.

Wala!  A beautiful grid for my garden box.  Built by little ole me.  Power tools and girl power for the win!  (can you tell I’m proud of my skills?)

Up to this point I have used string or twine to mark my boxes.  That worked okay, but would fall apart by the end of the season.  I wanted something more permanent.

I turned the soil over, smooth it out and placed the grid on top of the dirt.  The next day I started planting.

Planted Garden Box

At this time of year cold weather crops are the way to go.  If you are along the Wasatch Front there is a great planting guide by the USU Extension Office here:  Vegetable Planting Times.  I planted peas and onions in the front from seed.  In the back I planted broccoli and Kale starts from my basement.

Planted in Box

On top of the starts I placed wide mouth pint jars to use as cloches.  The jars act as mini greenhouses protecting the young plants from the harsh spring elements.  Glass jars are perfect for this job.  They are cheap, reusable, heavy enough not to blow away, and durable.  The last two days my plants have been rained on, snowed on and hailed on, and they are just as perky and happy as the day I transplanted them.

Plant Markers

I marked my plantings with a couple of dowels and clothespins.


These ones have been warned to stop digging in mommies sandbox so hopefully with a little sun my spring garden will start growing.


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