Thinning Lettuce and other Frugal Accomplishments

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Thinned and transplanted lettuce, swiss chard, radishes and cilantro in the covered garden box. Started German Chamomile and Heirloom Tomatoes downstairs under the grow lights.

We were able to get two Ride Clear passes for public transportation.  Each one is good for one weeks worth of free fares. So, the husband rode the train everyday this week for free.

Made bread.  I reduced the amount of yeast I typically use after reading a comment somewhere about Instant yeast being overused and I didn’t notice a difference.  I expected my rise times would be longer, but they weren’t.  I think next week I’ll reduce the amount even more.

Husband worked on the car. He installed an AIR LIFT system on the rear shocks.  This system should help reduce wear and tear when we pull our travel trailer this summer.

Stuck to my dinner menu.  Woot!

Picked up more wooden slates for free from a local cabinet maker to build a grid in my garden box.  I have enough for one box so I’m hoping to get that made this week.

Printed paper dolls for my big kids.  The Friend magazine has a set called “Friend Figure” that is published each month, you can also print them online.  My girls have developed quite a love for paper dolls since I printed the “Gingham Girls” set a few years back.  They will play with their collection for hours and they take really good care of them. (Probably because they know I’m not afraid to toss them if they get left out or get ragedy.  Ha!)


2 thoughts on “Thinning Lettuce and other Frugal Accomplishments

  1. Hi,
    You can save more yeast in your bread by adding sourdough starter and 1/4 tsp of yeast and less sugar and salt and bread taste great but they wont turn red colour because of less sugar but the bread it great. Give a try.


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