Education as an element of Provident Living

Education and Provident Living

In my personal story I mention that education is one of the elements I’m working on to live more providently.  I’m not just talking about a College Degree, although that is an excellent investment and one item on my future To Do list, but I’m talking about the skills and the knowledge to get the most out of life.

“Education is the power to think clearly, the power to act well in the world’s work, and the power to appreciate life.” —Brigham Young

Why is education an element of Provident Living?  There are five reasons I have discovered that knowledge helps us to be more prepared.

  1. We can develop skills and discover talents that help us be more self-reliant.  Lots of skills like bread making or gardening take practice not just reading about them.  Plus, you never know when you may stumble upon a talent you never knew you had.  Continually trying to learn new things will help find things you are really good at.  A skill that you can make money from teaching or selling is just a bonus.
  1. More education can lead to a better job.  Better being completely relevant.  Better paying, or more interesting, or less physically demanding, or less time demanding.  You pick!  Education gives you the ability to choose what you want in a job freeing up time, money etc. to become more prepared.
  1. You can learn the “best” way to do something.  Whether that means cheapest or quickest or best quality, searching out the “best” ways and learning them saves time, money and effort.  I learned how to make a loaf of bread cheaper and tastier then anything I can buy at the store, that’s a huge motivation to continue baking.
  1. Knowing how to learn is almost more important than the actual thing you learn.  You’ve heard the story where employers are looking to see if you completed a College Degree and not necessarily what that degree was in.  Well, I think that the skills associated with learning or seeking out knowledge and applying that knowledge to your life are absolutely essential for preparedness.  With those skills you can do anything!
  1. Knowledge is the only “thing” you can take with you.  If your house burned down you’d loose all your food storage, emergency kits, stuff, etc., but the knowledge can go with you to the next home and help you earn an income, live on less and rebuild a lot of what you lost.  I also believe we can take our knowledge with us when we die.  What better way to prepare for the next life than by learning all we can in this one?

More on the “How?” in part 2 here.

Till then, how has education or a certain skill helped make your life better?


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