Today we built a compost bin

This post was supposed to run on Saturday, but I had a few technical difficulties so here you go today…

Compost Bin built from four salvaged pallets

I’ve been wanting a compost bin for a while now.  I had the perfect spot for it.  Right at the end of my garden path in the corner where the two fences meet.

the space

Every path needs to go somewhere, right? Ha!

Cutting the pallets down

We started with four pallets the husband picked up for free from work. I didn’t want my bin to be too tall so we chopped them down by about a third and used the excess slats to fill in the spaces.

four sides

Then, we simply screwed them all together in a big open bottom box and buried the uprights in the dirt for stability.

Inside bin

It probably would have been easier to simply make a box from scratch with new lumber, but our bin was 100% free.

Composte Bin

Plus, I really love the rustic look.

Now I just need to fill it and start that lovely compost cooking.

Have you made anything fun for your garden lately?


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