Pruning Raspberries and other Frugal Accomplishments

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Finally pruned the raspberries, and not a day too soon.

raspberry canes

We are starting to get buds on the old canes and new growth down below.  Pruning will hopefully increase my yield for the year.

Raspberry buds

Remember the before…

March Side Yard

Yuck! The patch looks much better now, we just need a little mulch and fertilizer and they will be set for the year.

I researched Apple trees for my area. We picked three varieties Gala, Jonathon and Golden Delicious, now I just need to go buy them.  Can’t wait to have my own apple harvest.

The Husband built my compost bin from salvaged pallets.  We had the screws on hand from other projects, so no cost for the whole thing.

Composte Bin

Made another six loaves of bread.  I haven’t bought bread in over 10 weeks. Crazy!  Love my Bosch Mixer, a post on my method and recipe coming soon.

We only have one car so the husband takes the train twice a week so I can run errands and drive carpool.  I love this arrangement.  Not only do I have to stay organized and limit all my appointments and errands to the days I have a car, but I also get a lot more done at home.  No more stopping in the middle of the day to run that “one” errand (or the I can’t stand the house/kids/mess any more must go get an ice cream, expense).  We also save a lot of money on gas, insurance, registration, maintenance and car payments.

The Husband changed the transfer case fluid on the Tahoe and tightened some screws on the transmission from last week.  Regular maintenance should keep the car running smoothly and prevent costly repairs later on.

What kinds of Frugal things did you do this week?

For more frugal lists check out The Prudent Homemaker’s weekly Frugal Accomplishments post.


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