March in the Garden

March Title

I really can’t believe it’s March already and time for another garden update.  The year is flying by.  Not much is growing in the main garden, but the snow is all melted.

March Main Garden

The covered garden box is where all the action is.

March Garden Boxes

A small child with a stick and no shoes, that’s how you know spring is coming.

March Cilantro and Chives

Under the plastic my cilantro is going crazy.  I’m still surprised it survived through the tearing of the cover and the freezing exposure.  My chives are starting to come alive as well.

March Radishes

We also have radishes, spinach and lettuce sprouting.  Aren’t the radishes cute with their little heart shaped baby leaves?

March Side Yard

Elsewhere, the raspberries need a good pruning.  I think that’s on the “to do” list for this week.

March Tulips

And, the tulips are looking lovely.

How about you?  Is your garden starting to wake-up?


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