Transmission flush and Other Frugal Accomplishments

Husband did a transmission flush on our Tahoe with the help of a good neighbor and YouTube.  The dealer was going to charge us $200 to do this maintenance.  We bought the supplies for $85 and a few hours later it was done.

Transmission Flush

Made Bread.

Started Seeds inside.

Turned off the heat and opened the windows several days, and forgot to turn the heat back on and woke up to a cold house.

Cut three little boy’s hair. My oldest daughter used a free haircut I received from a church service auction and had over a foot of her hair chopped off.

Livi Hair

Took a big batch of stuff to the DI.  While there we stopped in and found several items I’ve been looking for.  Canning Jars, books, a dress and a silver wire basket.


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