Starting Seeds Indoors

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Starting Seeds

I started some seeds today.  I’ve used these Jiffy Pellets the past couple of years and they have worked pretty good.  But I’m researching ways to do it for cheaper/free.

Seeds under Grow Light

The tray gets stashed under my Grow Lights in the basement.  I have the light set on a timer so I don’t even have to think about them.

We used a plan to build my grow light similar to this one.

Grow Light Supplies

The supplies only cost $45.

Building Grow Light

And, it was a cinch to build.  Although, I think I will shorten the uprights.  They are way too tall.

Finished Grow Light

What do you think?  Sound like something you’d like to try?


4 thoughts on “Starting Seeds Indoors

  1. I started my seeds too! I’m trying toilet paper rolls, egg cartons and large grape/strawberry plastic containers. I am also trying “pots” made out of newspaper. So far so good! Good luck to your little seeds.


    1. Let me know how the newspaper pots turn out. I’m thinking that option might be good for me too. Do you use a little form for making them or did you just fold them?


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