2 Ways Challenges Come into our Lives

2 Ways

In our lives we are faced with many challenges.  Financial problems, family problems, physical problems and other things stress us out and threaten to overcome us. I’ve been there and I hated the way it made me feel.  I learned that through preparation a lot of that fear and uncertainty can be relieved. These challenges come to us in two different ways.

1. From our Choices

Good or bad our choices have consequences and sometimes those consequences are challenges.

People who choose to bring children into their homes to raise are faced with struggle, and increased expense. Yes, those sweet little people bring plenty of good, but no one who has ever had one will disagree that they aren’t a challenge as well.

Choosing to eat whatever you want whenever you want and refusing to exercise brings its own set of problems.  Obesity, heart disease, mobility issues, infertility, diabetes and the list goes on.

If there is a challenge you do not want to deal with and it can be tracked back to a choice, then you should make a different choice. Simple. Prevention is the best preparation.

2. Through no fault of your own

Sometimes challenges come just because.  Nothing you’ve done caused the problem.

Other people can make choices that cause us to struggle. Job loss could be put in this category. Your company may need to downsize to become more profitable and even though you are an excellent employee someone decides you are part of the group that is let go.

Natural disasters also cause much devastation and struggle. I keep hearing reports about drought conditions in California and what an impact it will have on all our food costs, among other challenges.

The best way to get through these kinds of challenges is to be aware and to prepare.  I’m talking about getting out of debt, having an emergency fund, packing go bags (or 72 hr. kits), building a personal food storage, growing a garden and more.

We are bombarded by challenges in this life.  No one has it easy. My hope is that I can learn the techniques and lifestyle changes I need to be more prepared and fear less. Essentially, that is what provident living is all about.

Have I missed any ways challenges come?  How about you? Can you see how a challenge you are currently facing came about?


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