Tax Refund and other Frugal Accomplishments

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Filed our taxes.  We have used TurboTax forever and have always had to pay to file our state taxes online through the software (I think this is a Utah thing).  Husband took a tax class for work and found out we can file electronically with the state for free.  We just have to get the forms, already filled out, from Turbo Tax (print or save as pdf) then manually input the numbers on the state web site.  Silly and a little time consuming, but it will save us around $20 a year on tax preparation.

With our Tax Refund we found a second hand “new to us” table and nine chairs.  For the past few years we have struggled to fit all five kids and two parents around our little four person table.  The new one was a great price and perfect size, but had several cosmetic issues and was filthy dirty.  We brought it home, scrubbed it clean, polished it up and it looks great.  The scratches and wear aren’t even an issue.  My boys added a scratch of their own the day after we brought it home, so I know “used” is a good choice for us.

Photo Credit: My 6 year old
Photo Credit: My 6 year old

Walked to Church.  The weather is still a little chilly, but it is getting warmer.  Yay!

Mended a shirt.

Visited the eye doctor for our annual checkup and contacts.  We just switched from having no eye insurance and calculated the cost of visits and contacts would be cheaper with insurance.

Ordered glasses for the Husband from  They give you your first pair free, you just pay for shipping.  We discovered this was cheaper than going through our eye doctor or our insurance.


Made a large batch of Pasta E Fagioli.  It fed us all for dinner plus I made up 3 lunches for the Husband and froze enough for another dinner.  We’ll see how well it freezes.

Cooked up a pound of dried Kidney beans.  Used 1/4 of it for the Pasta E Fagioli and stashed the rest in the freezer for another day.  I now have a nice collection of different varieties of cooked beans in the freezer all portioned out in “can” sizes.  So much cheaper than buying cans of beans.  I paid $2.49 for 2 lbs. of dried Kidney Beans (I probably could have gotten it cheaper in bulk), and that will make the equivalent of 8 cans of beans.  So, $.31 per “can” the best sale prices around here are $.50/can.

Bagged extra ingredients from making the Pasta E Fagioli and stored in the freezer.  In the past when I have had little bits of stuff like broth or onions they end up getting tossed in the trash.  But, I’m trying to be much more aware of food waste so I’m storing these bits up for adding to soup, broth, etc.

Made Bread.  Although, I may have to make two batches this week as the kids have nearly eaten everything I made. The stinkers…

Used coupons paired with a sale for 2 bottles shampoo and 2 bottles conditioner free.


6 thoughts on “Tax Refund and other Frugal Accomplishments

  1. I don’t think it’s a Utah thing; I think it’s a TurboTax thing (or actually, all online tax sites). I’ve been doing our Utah state taxes on the state website for a couple of years. I love that it’s free.


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