Fabric and Frugal Accomplishments

Replaced 10 incandescent light bulbs with CFL. I’m slowly working through all the bulbs in our house. We probably have another batch or two till they are all switched over.

Visited my Grandparents and Grandma sent me home with a large garbage bag of fabric and thread. There are scraps as well as yardage. It looks like several pieces will work as skirts for my girls and flannel for pj pants. I’m very excited. She said there was more so as soon as I sort through this I can come get another bags worth. I’m so blessed with her frugal example and willingness to give.

Made homemade fancy dinner for valentines and went dancing at the church for free.


Made valentines at home with cheap suckers. Printed on card stock I had on hand. I designed and printed, the kids cut and assembled. Spent $2.50 for the suckers, not bad for 90 valentines.


Planted a few seeds in my covered garden box. It may be a little early so I only did a handful. I will try some more in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait for gardening weather.


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