Tomato Sauce and Other Frugal Accomplishments

I finally ran out of homegrown tomato sauce in the freezer.  So, I cracked open a #10 can from the food storage.

#10 Can

Costco has these cans for right around $2.49.  There is no way we can use all that sauce before it goes bad, so I divvied it up into pint and 1/2 pint jars and stashed in the freezer.

Filling Jars

I have used zip bags in the past, but I like jars much better.  They are fully reusable, easily washed, can quickly be thrown in the microwave if needed, and are sturdy enough not to get holes poked in them and leak all over the counter/fridge/microwave while defrosting.  (Ha! please tell me I’m not the only one that has had this happen…)  You have to leave a 1 inch headspace on the jars for expanding, and they keep for several months in the freezer.

Jar Sauce

The #10 can does about 15 cups worth, so that breaks down to $.17 a cup.  Much better than waiting for the 8 oz. cans to go on sale for $.25.

Made bread, hamburger buns, 1 lb. white navy beans, and chili for the freezer.


Sewed a new button on the Husband’s shirt.  One of his new dress shirts came with one purple button.  So weird!  Does anyone know why?  Maybe we are unfashionable, but it had to go.

Purple Button

Turned off the Heated Dry option on the dishwasher when washing dishes after dinner.  I used to do this all the time, then fell out of practice.  The dishes are plenty dry by morning and it’ll save some electricity.

I really enjoy looking back on my week and finding out all the things I accomplished.  Makes me feel good. To see other folk’s frugal accomplishments, check out The Prudent Homemakers blog post and read all the comments.


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