February in the Garden

Not much has changed in my garden since January.
Everything is still cold, frozen, and snowy.
Although, the day after I took these pictures we did receive more snow.
I dislike the dead-grass-no-snow aspect of Utah winters.
If it is sooo cold, there needs to be lots of snow! But, that’s just winter in the desert.
And you learn to live with it.
Hopefully, next month stuff will start happening out there.
Yippee for Spring!

One thought on “February in the Garden

  1. Well, actually you live in an area that is semi-arid, because it gets more than 10 inches of precipitation per year. A true desert gets less than 10. But when it’s hot and dry (or cold and dry for that matter) who really cares! Here’s hoping you get more snow, enough to make for a lovely garden.


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