Mending and Other Frugal Accomplishments

My oldest daughter had a school overnight trip up in the mountains. We knew there were several feet of snow and a storm moving through the area on the day she’d be there, so it was definitely going to be COLD. She didn’t have snow pants or boots in her size. She’s almost 12 and nothing fits for more than a week or two. I found a pair of almost new snow pants, in the next size up, at DI for $5. Even though she complained a little about the size, I thought they worked perfectly. The boots were another story. We looked EVERYWHERE! New or used we just couldn’t find anything in her size. I was about to start calling friends and neighbors to borrow a pair when she walked in my closet, pulled out my snow boots and said “how about these?” She tried them on and I about cried when they fit well enough for her to use. My baby is almost big enough to wear my shoes!  I am happy we found everything she needed for very little out of pocket.

Patched an old sleeping bag for said trip. There was a large tear inside the lining. I used some flannel and fabric bond I had from other projects, then stitched it up by hand while watching a movie. The camo-frog pattern makes it less noticeable. Ha!

Made more bread. I decided it is much easier to weigh the flour than to measure it out. My six loaf recipe calls for 22.5 cups. Measuring that much takes forever and a day. Plus, as a momma I typically get interrupted at least 5 times while measuring so I’m never sure if I’ve gotten the right number. I received a nice digital scale for Christmas and it made the process much quicker. I used the conversion 1cup = 5oz.

Cooked a pound of black beans in the crock pot. Once done, I measured 1 2/3 cups into zip bags and stashed in the freezer. The bags are approximately 1 cans worth of beans. I got 4 bags from the pound of dried.

Tried a new chocolate chip recipe. This one may be good enough to quadruple in the Bosch and stash, unbaked, in the freezer. I have to try the small batch one more time to be sure. I’m positive the husband and the kids won’t mind trying one more batch.

I placed the new plastic on the garden box. Hopefully the soil will be warm enough in a few weeks to plant some “cold crops” out there.

While I was out there I cleaned things up a bit and look what I found…

Nearly 1 pound of beautiful carrots!  They were protected enough up next to the house that the ground wasn’t frozen.  My kids will think these are an awesome treat.

Planned the garden for next year, and ordered my rhubarb and blackberry bushes. I used a $10/$40 coupon code and went through Swag bucks (9 bucks to every dollar spent).

Total Garden Spending for the Year: $70.42
Total Garden Harvest for the Year: 14.5 oz.


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