To Repair or to Replace

For the past couple of days I have watched a crew of workers re-roofing the house across the street. My kitchen windows face that direction and I spend a lot of time in that room.  As I watched in between my other tasks I wondered about the question: how do you decide when to repair and when to replace?

We live in a very windy area of town and are constantly loosing shingles, branches, siding, garbage cans and trampolines to the occasional storm. Several times my husband has had to climb up on our roof and repair missing shingles.

Now, the neighbors across the street are new and maybe the house did need new shingles and maybe it just needed repairs I don’t know for sure. I wonder, though, if sometimes we aren’t a little quick to replace things in our lives.

I’m just as guilty of tossing the holey socks and jeans instead of making an effort to patch or mend them. Tossing plastic shower curtain liners that have gotten grundgy. Flat bike tires. Even with the wonder of YouTube and the ability to search a fix for just about any problem we are still replacing an awful lot.

We’ve fixed dryers, walls, basements and soggy carpet. Houses take a lot of upkeep. Is it worth it? Wouldn’t it be easier to just sell and buy something newer with less problems?

The world we live in seems to push the newer is better idea. Or the “if your not happy with it get something new” idea. The art of mending clothes for example isn’t a widely held art. TV stop working? Get a bigger, newer one.

What about relationships? I believe good relationships take time and effort to build with a lot of mending along the way. In general the world says if he/she isn’t what I want I’m to find someone new.

How do you decide what is worth your time and effort to fix?

I know not everything is fixable. Sometimes the best choice is to replace. Nothing on this planet lasts forever. But I think I need to be slow to replace. Double and triple check if repairing can take care of what I need. In this way I can save a lot of money and learn valuable skills that may help me in the future.

Once it warms up a little I’ll probably send the husband back up to the roof to check our shingles and fix the missing or damaged ones. Would I like the new roof the neighbors are enjoying? Yes, but mending will take care of us…for now.


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