Frugal Accomplishments

I started crocheting a new potholder with yarn I had on hand. I got an awesome set for my wedding 15 years ago. They’ve started looking pretty shabby and six months ago I burnt a hole through one. I finally found a similar pattern online and even though it’s crochet, I’m a knitting girl, it looks simple enough for me.

We changed the way we budget a few years ago and as a result we carry a much higher balance in our checking account. Our bank has a very nice high interest rate checking account and we finally got around to converting our existing account. Every little bit helps.

Made dinner on a night I really, really, really did not feel up to it.

Talked parents into a place to stay that was almost 1/3 the cost of the one they picked for our extended family vacation to Yellowstone.

Made bread. I’m loving my new Bosch mixer. I grabbed a few additional loaf pans with Christmas money from grandma and was able to make six 2lb. loaves in one go. Such a money and time saver.

I’ve been doing a deep clean / reorganization / dejunk of the kitchen and even though it’s not a particularly frugal thing I’m much happier cooking and spending time in a clean kitchen, so I figure it’ll save some money and time later on.


6 thoughts on “Frugal Accomplishments

  1. OOhh your bread looks husband is the breadmaker in our home..he makes the most soft bread rolls..they must be good as our 2 littlies devour them..i like your blog by the way..will be reading moresara


  2. I followed you over here from The Prudent Homemaker. You hooked me with mention of the Bosch mixer 🙂 Do you have your bread recipe posted? Also, that is some great looking pizza! Recipe? Nice blog.


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