Menu Plan: Thursday, January 9th

Last week I did pretty well following my plan.  I was sick one day and really, really, really did not feel like making my planned meal.  After grouching and pouting about it for far too long, I took a deep breath, turned off my brain and made the meal.  We ended up eating fairly late because of my childishness, but I’m rather proud of myself for not breaking and getting take-out or making the fam fend for themselves.  Tell me I’m not the only one who does stuff like this…

This week calls for several snow storms to move through our area, as a result I’m planning several warm soup/stew/comfort food type dinners:

Thursday: Homemade Pizza, Green Salad, Veggie Tray

Friday:  Stew, Cornbread

Saturday:  Sloppy Joes, Chips, Dip and Carrot Sticks

Sunday:  Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Carrots, Rolls

Monday:  Lasagna, Green Salad, Breadsticks (from last week, I forgot to defrost…)

Tuesday:  Tortilla Soup, Chips, Salsa, Sour Cream, Spinach Salad

Wednesday: Lentil Tacos, Rice and Beans, Chips and Salsa

I’m linking to Org Junkies weekly round-up of menu plans.  Check them out!


2 thoughts on “Menu Plan: Thursday, January 9th

  1. Nope you are NOT the only one. Here’s what I’ve been doing and it’s a lifesaver for me when I’m pressed for time (or as in this past month when I had a sciatica attack and could barely stand for 5 minutes). I make two of whatever I’m cooking on the days I’m not pressed for time. Like your pizza. Make two, bake one freeze the other. If I make chili or spaghetti sauce I put a quart in the freezer and serve a quart over rice or pasta. I have at least four meals ready to pop into the freezer right now and that’s after a month of Sciatica! I mean to get busy this week and add a few more meals.


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