December in Review

We had an unusually cold December around these parts. During one of the first storms the plastic on my garden cover tore and I didn’t realize it until the next day. I was too late to save my little garden, so no fresh greens for Christmas dinner. Boo! Thicker plastic is on the shopping list for an early spring planting, and maybe the removal of the cross bar to prevent a repeat tear.

Speaking of planting. The first seed catalog of the season showed up at my house the day after Christmas. Yippee! Time to start scheming for next years garden.

Santa and credit card rewards points teamed up to give me the Bosch mixer I’ve been dreaming of. This little baby can mix ten pounds of dough at a time, which means I can bake bread once or twice a week to feed all my minions instead of every day. Oh the time I will save!

The first few weeks of December were spent finishing gifts and in a frenzy of Christmas prep. The last were spent playing games with family, watching movies, eating, reading, and relaxing. I’m looking forward to a little more structure and routine come the 6th when the kids go back to school.


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