Last Weeks Frugal Accomplishments

Finished my Christmas sewing for the week! Five pairs of pj bottoms. The fabric came from a few flannel sheet sets my kids decided they didn’t like. Did you know you can get around 6 yards of 60″ wide fabric from one twin sheet set? Good grief! I’m watching clearance racks for sheets to use in my sewing. The cost for the pj pants was $2.25, for elastic. Can’t beat that.

Next week’s sewing/crafting Christmas project are knit beret’s for my girls. In preparation I needed a few new double pointed needles (dpn), but instead of buying fancy new expensive ones I followed this tutorial and made two sets of 4 dpn from two $.30 dowels. I only spent a few minutes cutting and sanding these and I’m very pleased with the result. Now if I can just master the beret pattern (and the scary dpn) this will be a great project.

Brought a big salad from the garden for an extended family meal and football. Go Cougars!

Ate at another catered church function, no contribution from us. And enjoyed some amazing local musical talent.

Finally convinced my oldest boy to eat oatmeal. Of course I had to put a few chocolate chips in it the first couple of times, but now he wants to try all the combinations the other kids use. Peanut Butter. Dried Cranberries. Brown Sugar. Frozen Raspberries. I’m trying to institute a more regular oatmeal bar around here. Especially with the cold weather.

Really wiped down and oiled my sewing machine and serger. I’ve done a bunch of sewing over the past few months, and plan a bunch, and the last thing I need is either machine breaking down from neglect. I don’t care for them nearly as much as I should.


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