Frugal Accomplishments for Last Week

I am discovering that looking back on what I have accomplished for the week is very therapeutic for me.  Some weeks I feel like all I have done is chased kids, picked up after them, make meals, and cleaned up meals. Not that there is anything wrong with those things, they are necessary for a happy home, but sometimes the monotony gets to me.  So, I’ve started this “Frugal Accomplishment” list so maybe I can realize just how much more does get done around our house and how much we save.

So, here’s my list for last week in no particular order:

Got together with my mother-in-law, 4 of hubby’s sisters, 3 of my nieces, and my two oldest girls and made applesauce. We processed 8 bushels of apples or 125 quarts of sauce plus juice. I came home with 23 quarts plain applesauce, 3 quarts red hot applesauce, and 6 quarts apple juice. So much fun!

Found my apples at a local farm. Seconds for $10 a half bushel (roughly 22 lbs.) I bought around 90 pounds for $40. Even their 1st were a great deal at $20 a half. I may go back for more this week!

Finally put my Christmas list and budget down on paper. I now have a plan to get everything done by December.

Made a trip to the thrift store (DI) and found several items for my Christmas list. All below budget.

On same trip as the DI I stopped at Joanne’s with my coupons (25% all and 40% singles) and got all the extra fabric and supplies I need for Christmas gifts. I had budgeted $45 for these materials and walked out having spent $38. I feel so blessed to have run into so many great sales.

Went to a church function and had free lunch. Also had dinner provided at the Applesauce Event.

Checked on my garden box under the half hoop cover. The plants look wonderful and it was so steamy and warm in there.

Planning several salads this week. I planted a few more seeds hoping for a Christmas harvest.

Cut more Parsley to dry. I should have plenty stored up to last till next years harvest.

Covered my other garden box. We have a lot of wind around here and every year I have to add several inches of dirt to my boxes to replace all the stuff that blows away. Hopefully, covering them will help remedy the situation.

Raked up leaves and added to the big garden.

Was under budget when I went grocery shopping! Super huge deal for me. Found some great deals too. Pasta $.50 lb. at Smith’s. I bought 30. Husband thought I was weird, but I explained that we don’t often see that price and our family eats at least 1.5 lbs. per week so the 30 won’t last long. He understood. I wish I could have gotten more, but the pickings were slim. Next time I’m calling the first day of the sale then I can get the amount I want in the varieties I want. Hopefully the sale goes two weeks, like it sometimes does, so I can go back next week for more.

Check out The Prudent Homemaker’s list, and all the fun lists in the comments, for great frugal ideas.


2 thoughts on “Frugal Accomplishments for Last Week

  1. Found you from The Prudent Homemaker blog…. I loved your applesauce event! How fun was that… I had to look up “half hoop cover” as I have never had a garden of my own before… and I am 46 — seems crazy now… but I hope to start one this spring….


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