Reorganizing the Kid’s Bathroom

My kid’s bathroom is one of the hardest areas to keep clean at our house. There is no storage. Just an under sink cabinet and a small medicine cabinet. Not much space to take care of five little peoples stuff.

We tried having teeth stuff up in the medicine cabinet, but it was just too hard for the littlest people to help themselves.  And, the bigger people had a tendency to not put their teeth stuff away.

Things had gotten a tad bit out of hand, as things generally do around here. So yesterday I decided it was time for a small overhaul.  I wish I had gotten a before picture because it was really nasty, but that would have been embarrassing to post (he he) plus I forgot.  Just use your imagination.

(Grungy before picture here.)

I started by emptying both spaces.  We sorted garbage, things that belong elsewhere, and everything that must stay. Then we scrubbed the cupboards and storage bins.

I found this awesome idea over at Musings of a Stay-at-Home Mom for the teeth stuff.  My DI had similar cups 5 for $.50 and I had Velcro tape on hand. All the other bins were ones we were already using.

We put everything in its place, and walla.

Super clean and organized, plus the kids thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Time will tell how long it withstands their abuse.  But, for now, I’m happy with how it turned out.

Linking to: OrgJunkie and the November Organize It Linky Party


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