Goals for this week: 21 October 2013

I’m planning on posting my Goal/Task list for the week. I do much better when I have something written down rather than just having it in my head.  And posting my list here should make me do even better.

I’ve split my list into two.  Goals are items I’m focusing on doing every week or everyday, habits I’m working on, they are never really “checked” off.  Tasks are one time items that will be check off-able.

Get up at 6:00am to read scriptures and pray
Exercise at least 3x this week
DEF Review, G week for Brother(3), add address & phone cards 
Organize Coupons
Blog posts x3
Go to the Temple

Change Sheets on girls beds
Build half hoop for garden box
Extract seeds from sunflower heads & roast
Make 2 batches Grape Jelly
Front yard Cleanup
Write outline for canning class
Watch RS conference
Deep clean boys room
Make Christmas list, plan homemade stuff
Mend 4 items
Iron 10 items


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