Garden Harvest

Yes, Thanksgiving is over.

All my Christmas Decorations are up.

December starts tomorrow.

It’s supposed to snow next week.

And I pulled these beauties from the garden box for dinner last night.

There are still 2 or 3 times this amount chilling in the ground.  They should stay nice for several more weeks.  And considering the amount of time I spent on my garden this year (I was too busy having a baby) I’m pretty proud of my little carrot crop.
Have you ever tasted a fall carrot fresh from the garden?  After the first few frosts something happens to the sugars in the carrot and they become absolutely incredible.  You’ll never look at a store bought “baby” carrot in the same way.  These are so sweet my kids thought I had put something special on them.
I planted a short variety called Danvers Half Long that only grows 6-8 inches.  I have a hard time growing any root veggies in my native, solid, rock hard, clay, soil so these have to be grown in garden boxes with imported soil.  Hence the short variety.  We’re still working on the soil as you can see from the lovely fork tails.  My kids think the forks make these kind better than the others.
Brother(5) had to get in the picture so you could see just how chubby they are…

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