Goal Update

Last Update for these goals.  Wow, November has flown by.  I’m pretty excited at how these goals have worked out.  True, a couple will need to be repeated next month, but overall I feel like I made some good progress.
Here’s how I did this week:

  • Homemaking:  have all dishes washed before going to bed each night – (With the holiday and wonky dinner/cooking schedules I had to forgive myself a few nights and go to bed with dishes in the sink.  But on the upside, doing so almost hurt!  I really didn’t like going to bed with the kitchen in that state.  I officially state that this goal was a complete success.) 
  • Health: do not drink Dr. Pepper for the rest of the Month – (I caved on a particularly stressful afternoon and had a 20 oz.  It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be…) 
  • Marriage: invite Matt on two dates and one Temple trip – (Never made it to the Temple, but I’m going to make it a priority for the next week or two.)
  • Financial: use only cash (and stay on budget) for groceries – (Had an emergency shopping trip… oh how I hate potty training… that I used the card for and I need to double check, but I think we were on budget for the month.) 
  • Spiritual: read scriptures every day – (I will be redoing this goal for next month.) 
  • Mothering: spend quality one-on-one time with each kid – (All the kids got time with mom.) 
  • Serving: update scout information on all my wards and get registered – (Still need to turn in Registration.)

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