Happy Thanksgiving!

On Monday we had a sweet family come over for dinner and Family Home Evening.  We provided the dinner and they did a lesson and activity.  As part of the lesson we were challenged to write down five things we were grateful for and keep it in a place we could read often.  Hopefully keeping those things in mind would help us be more positive and less discouraged when we face tough times.

I love this idea!

I’ve been doing something similar here on this blog, but making it a running list.  I’ll add to it as the fancy strikes and, when I’m feeling sorry for myself or overwhelmed I can read through my list and take courage.

15. Excellent PBS shows – to keep my boys occupied while I finish up morning chores.

16. Cuties – We blasted through a five pound box in three days.

17. Arms – to hug, love, and comfort my people.

18. A clean kitchen

19. A grandma who saves the coupons from her newspaper every week and makes sure I always get them.


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