Goal Update

November is cruising along.  I can’t believe Thanksgiving is this week.  All my mom’s family is getting together for Thanksgiving dinner and I get to bring the pies, yippee!  Matt’s staying home from work on Wednesday so I can bake all day long.  Well, it won’t take all day long, but it will be nice to work without kids in my hair.  
Speaking of hair, the baby figured out how to grab and hold on tight.  I see mostly ponytails and updo’s in my future.
Here is the update on November goals:

  • Homemaking:  have all dishes washed before going to bed each night – (I think this has been so very hard to stick to, but now it is becoming more habit.  I love how that happens!  Maybe one night was missed this week.) 
  • Health: do not drink Dr. Pepper for the rest of the Month – (So far so good.) 
  • Marriage: invite Matt on two dates and one Temple trip – (Went out again this week.  Still need to make it to the Temple.)
  • Financial: use only cash (and stay on budget) for groceries – (Plugging along. I have to admit all the Thanksgiving Sales tempted me to go over budget, but I stuck to it.  The price of Turkey’s is very disappointing I’m not sure we will be able to stock up this year.) 
  • Spiritual: read scriptures every day – (I did even worse than last week… I think I need to reevaluate the time I have chosen to do this.  Right before bed is not working.) 
  • Mothering: spend quality one-on-one time with each kid – (Took Livi grocery shopping with me.  Two down three to go.  Well, maybe two to go since the baby gets quality time with me every night around 4am.) 
  • Serving: update scout information on all my wards and get registered – (Still need to turn in Registration.)

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