Goal Update

I think it is important to keep all my goals fresh in my head.  Otherwise I am very likely to forget them and slip back into my old ways.  
Please tell me I’m not the only one who does that…
Here is the plan for November and a few notes on how I’m doing:

  • Homemaking:  have all dishes washed before going to bed each night – (I missed a few days this week, but over all I’ve got it done each night.  It is so great to wake up to a clean kitchen, and I’m much more likely to cook/bake more since everything is clean!) 
  • Health: do not drink Dr. Pepper for the rest of the Month – (Done.) 
  • Marriage: invite Matt on two dates and one Temple trip – (We went out once this week and have made tentative arrangements for babysitting so we can go to the temple one morning before work.) 
  • Financial: use only cash (and stay on budget) for groceries – (So far so good.  We’ll see what the last week of the month looks like…) 
  • Spiritual: read scripture every day – (I only did this about half the days of the week.  Definitely need to really focus on this one.) 
  • Mothering: spend quality one-on-one time with each kid – (Took Anna grocery shopping with me.  One down four to go.) 
  • Serving: update scout information on all my wards and get registered – (In process.  Registration all filled out I just need to turn it in.)

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