Bunch of Carrots: A Garden Update

Photo Credit: The Fishographer

This bunch of carrots became part of our dinner on Sunday.  Aren’t they lovely?

You can just see the “Attack of the Killer Tomato Plants” in the background.  I need to find a better way of supporting those buggers next year.  The cheap little tomato cages I have just aren’t cutting it.

I find it extremely fun to wander out to the backyard, gather a bunch of veggies, head back into the house for a quick wash and prep, and then to serve super fresh food to my family.

Not only is it fun, but I think we have almost broken even on this years cost for seeds and plants.  I’ve estimated I spent right around $40 for all my seeds and plants.  According to my spreadsheet we are up to $31.97 in harvested produce, and that’s not even counting any of the herbs I’ve collected.

Tracking and pricing the herbs is turning out harder than I thought.  Often I will run out and grab a few leaves to throw into whatever is planned for dinner, and forget to measure or write down what I took.  Plus, I have harvested basket-fulls of herbs to dry for later use.  Do I use a cost for fresh herbs or dried herbs?  Any thoughts on how I can track my herbs better?

In any case I think the first year of the garden project is going splendidly and I’m already planning and scheming for next year.  How did your garden go this year? or Are you planning one for next year?


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