Processing the Garden Harvest

Today’s Harvest…Yes, that is a couple of purple carrots!

I spent most of the day processing my garden harvest.  There was the collection above plus tomatoes, jalapeno peppers and more green beans from last week.  I also gathered this beautiful batch of thyme.


The thyme is currently chilling in my dehydrator.  I’m pretty sure I collected my years supply plus some. When they’re completely dry all that’s left to do is strip the leaves from the stems and bottle them up.

The beans are all snapped waiting to be blanched and frozen.  I’ll finish that up tonight when it is cooler.  I would love to can them, but I don’t own a pressure cooker…yet.  I’ve got my eye on this one:

All the tomatoes are basking on my window sill.  We need some for a party tomorrow and I’m going to can the rest.

I sliced the jalapeno peppers and spread them out on a tray to freeze.  After another hour or two I’ll slip them into a zipper bag and they’ll be ready to scoop into our favorite salsa recipe.

The carrots have been scrubbed and sliced.  All ready to be snacked on or slipped into lunches.

Not a bad days work.

I’ve also updated all my garden totals in my spreadsheet so you can see just what we’ve been able to harvest from our little starter garden.


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