One of my favorite bloggers Modobject at Home regularly lists items she is thankful for.  Right now she is at around 435.  She is thankful for things like a backed up sewer line because she doesn’t have to do laundry.  For bits of encouragement.  Her baby’s “wake-up morning curls.”

I love the idea of noticing small and simple things in our everyday lives for which we can be grateful.  Not only is it showing Our Creator we appreciate his blessings, but it also helps us to avoid The Want’s.  If we are not focusing on the things we want we are less likely to spend our money on stuff we do not need.

Distractions are sometimes necessary when you get tired of your frugal journey.  So, I have decided to join the party and start listing some things I am grateful for.  They are in no particular order.

1. A husband who is willing and able to fix the roof.

2. Tomatoes on the window sill.

3. A child who is loving learning his ABC’s.

4. A kitchen garden expansion that is coming along nicely.

5. Two and a half more weeks of the girl’s riding the school bus.

6. The internet.  Whenever I wonder how to do something or why it is I can always look it up and find the answers instantly.


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