Gathering Seeds

Coriander Seeds, harvested from my garden yesterday.

One of the aspects of gardening that is currently tickling my frugal fancy is the idea of gathering my own seeds.  I’ve been propagating flowers by dividing them for a while now (it’s the only reason I have the yard I do now), but gathering seeds then storing them for the winter and planting in the spring is getting me excited.  Sure, it’s a lot more work than buying a seed packet or a seedling from the nursery, but it is an almost free way of growing flowers and food.

Some seeds are easier to gather than others.  The little coriander seed forms after the plant bolts and starts to flower.  You simply wait for the little green fruits to turn brown and gather them up.  A carrot rarely produces seed the first year of growing.  In my climate, where the ground freezes over the winter, we will have to carefully pull up and store a few roots then replant them in the spring.  Get this, they’ll sprout new green tops, flower and produce seed.  Sounds complicated, huh!

I am so amazed at the beauty and order God has created for us.  So many plants are available to us and with a little work on our part and sunshine on His we could technically never go hungry or pay for food again.  I think it is absolutely amazing, and I am so grateful.

No, I will not be converting my entire 1/6th of an acre to food production, but it is nice to know I’m learning the skills to provide for my family if we’re ever cut off from the food supply.  Plus, saving us a little money in the process.  Plus, I think it’s really fun.


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