The past few weeks

April was insanely busy for us.

A spring break camping trip to Moab.  Including pulling the trailer out from storage and getting it cleaned and ready for all the summer trips.

Our Relief Society made food bags for 72 hour kits and I organized and bought all the stuff.  That was a fun Costco shopping trip.  I think that might be the first time I have ever wished they had larger carts.

Easter came and I foolishly chose to make dresses for the girls.  Then finished them a week after the holiday.

Two of my kids had birthdays.  Yes, they’re born on the same day six years apart.  No, it was not planned. I had enough cake/cupcakes at my house for two army’s.  Thankfully my neighbors love treats.

The fishographer has been busy transitioning into a new management position at work, busy taking the dog to obedience training, and busy helping to reorganize wards in his church calling.  So, we haven’t seen him a lot during the week.

I went way over my grocery budget and way over my dining out budget.  Why do those always go together?  Especially when we get busy?

There is a monster pile of coupon inserts and ads sitting on my kitchen table waiting to be clipped and sorted.  And, I haven’t used a single coupon in several weeks.

It’s time to slow down, get back into our routines and start being more deliberate with how we spend our time and money.  No more running around like chickens…


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