5 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

…without using coupons!


Did I just say that out loud?

Yes, I do love to use coupons, but there are many foods we never receive coupons for.  In fact, a large percentage of my coupon use is mostly for non-food essentials like shampoo, deodorant, cleaning supplies and diapers.  I have to employ other tactics to save money on the bulk of my food purchases.  So, here are my best tips for saving money without going to the extreme of clipping coupons.

  1. Compare Price per Pound – A good way to determine if any food item is a good value is to determine its price per pound.  The cheaper the price per pound the more food we can get for our buck.  Choose cheaper per pound foods and you’ll fill your tummy without emptying your wallet.

    Fruits, vegetables and meats are easy since they are sold by the pound.

    Other packages are not so easy.

    HINT: 16 oz = 1 pound

    I found a 10 ct. box of fruit snacks in my food storage.  These typically go on sale for around $1.69.  Would you laugh at me if I told you I have no idea what the non-sale price is?  The box’s total weight is 5 oz.  Using a little simple math $1.69 divided by 5 oz. times by 16 = $5.41 per pound.  I would consider that pretty expensive.  Apples are more than half that price, even out of season, and they are better for you.

    MATH: Total Price, Divided by Size in Oz. = Price per Oz.
              Multiply that number by 16 to get Price per Pound
              You can type it straight into your calculator, using the example above:
              1.69 / 5 * 16 = 5.408

    I’m not saying you can never have fruit snacks, just that there are cheaper alternatives.  We get them, on sale with coupons, for a special treat, but not an everyday snack.  My kids’ favorite after school snacks are apples, bananas, and homemade bread.  All very good price per pound.

    The less processed a food the cheaper the price per pound.

    On Saturday I bought a 10 pound bag of potatoes for $2.69, not on sale just an average price.  So potatoes are $.27 per pound.  Compare that with the processed versions: french fries and instant potatoes typically $1-$2, or more, per 1 pound package.  Potatoes are a great value, plus there are a ton of ways to cook them.

…To Be Continued Next Week.

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