DIY: Dryer Repair

I finally called a repair guy to come take a look at my dryer.  Of course, the most expensive part of the machine is broken.  The Timer.  The timer controls everything.  The little brain of the operation.

The nice fix-it fella told me it was a $150 part and gave me a grand total quote of $274.56 to fix my originally $350 4 year old dryer.


He let me pay a “Trip and Diagnosis Charge” which could go toward the total charge if we chose to have them fix it.  Then he left and I called the Fishographer.

We got on the internet and started doing some research.  The model we own is no longer available, of course, but most new dryers start at about $300.  I started wondering about the $150 timer and did a search for those.  Which led me to the exact same part for $75 plus shipping.

I called the Fishographer again and asked if he was willing to replace it himself.  Back on the internet we got on You Tube watched a clip and decided we could do this.  It’s a very simple unplug from the old plug in the new.

We ordered the part and it showed up this afternoon.  About 4 minutes after we opened the box I had a working dryer.  Yeah!

Trip and Diagnosis Charge   $47.98
New Timer   $81.94
Grand Total:     $129.92

Saving $144.64 by doing it ourselves – Priceless.

The little bugger that caused so much trouble….

I’m a big fan of DIY, we often go that route to save money.  I think lots and lots of research as well as occasional input from professionals will make things go smooth.


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