What to do with a Box of Diapers

First thing I did was crack that box open.

Why? You ask?

I’m a look’n for codes!
Pamper’s Gifts to Grow program allows you to input codes from diaper’s, pull-ups and wipes for points.  These points can be turned in for great stuff.  I might as well get extra stuff for stuff I’m already buying.  
Yes, I like stuff.  Why do you ask?  
Here are a couple of rewards I have my eye on:

Diapers.com Gift Certificate and Parents Magazine to get more codes, umm I mean diapers.  Photo Cards from Shutterfly for next years Christmas Cards.  Puzzle for the kids.

Or check out the full rewards catalog here.

That box I got yesterday netted me 84 points.

If you sign up here you can start with a bonus 100 points.  Plus, there are a few shareable codes you might be able to add to your account:

  • 500000Pampers10 (10 points, expires 3/5/11)
  • SEP3PGW7NRKYWXK (10 points)
  • CONGRATS2NEWMOM (10 points)
  • GTGWELCOME10PTS (10 points)
  • NEWWIPESPACKAGE (10 points) 

Diaper and wipes packages have one time use codes and occasionally we’ll get a shareable code like those above.  But, anyway you collect them, they add up fast.

Now, what can I spend my points on?  Decisions, decisions.

(Note: This post may contain my affiliate links.  Proceed at your own risk.)


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