Single Car Update

In September of last year we took the plunge and sold my husband’s jeep *without replacing it* leaving us with one vehicle. At the time I promised regular updates, so here is update number 1.

After a little more than four months I’m proud to announce we are still a single car family. No, we have not become hermits or gone completely crazy. No, we did not run out the next month and buy a replacement car because we couldn’t stand it. Yes, it has been a huge adjustment and more so because of a few commitments I have that require the use of transportation.
Most weeks I take the Fisherman to work 2-3 days. Because of this our gas bill hasn’t been much lower than with two cars. Our insurance dropped by just over $34 per month (ha I totally predicted that!). Other savings are pretty much as anticipated.
I watch my brother’s kids a couple of times a week and need a car those days, but that will be over in March. And, when school gets out in June I will no longer need the car at all during the week so hopefully we will be able to see some savings. That is unless gas prices get the better of us which is totally possible.
Only two events occurred that made me wish we had another car.
First, our oldest daughter was pushed down at recess one day straight into a mud puddle and the Fisherman had the car. Thankfully he was able to take an early lunch and go rescue her from school.
Second, one day I had the car and the Fisherman had a surprise meeting across town. Rather than go pick him up at work then have him drop us off at home, then have him drive all the way back to the meeting (passing work). I packed the kids up, picked him up and spent a few hours at IKEA (which is next door to work). We had a snack in the restaurant and then the older kids spent an hour in playland while I wandered the store dreaming/planning/enjoying some quiet time. The Fisherman went to his meeting then came and picked us up and we all headed home.
Overall this one car experiment has been interesting, to say the least. I hate the days I have to drive back and forth to work two times, and I love the days I get to spend at home all day. I’m curious to see if I feel the same at the end of June after a month of staying home. We will see, and I’ll let you know.

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