Frugality a definition

I think I need to back up a little with my frugal strategies.

I’m finding it hard to get back into the swing of writing. My thoughts are all over the place and I can’t seem to get them down quickly enough. So, forgive me if I go back to the definition of “FRUGAL.”

Here it is in case you missed it:

“Frugality is the practice of acquiring goods and services in a restrained manner, and resourcefully using already owned economic goods and services, to achieve a long term goal.”

Check out the very last word. GOAL.

This is the most important part of any quest to becoming frugal.
Why on earth am I doing it?
If you don’t have a clear purpose from the beginning it is so difficult to give up when the going gets tough. Oh, yes. Being frugal is not easy. When I’m clipping a large stack of coupons or buying used or going without that great new (fill in the blank) it’s nice to remind myself of our families goal. Then I can keep working hard because our goal means a lot to me.
Remembering also helps me avoid those moments of weakness. Can we please go out to dinner. Even though there’s plenty in the fridge/pantry. Without a coupon. For the third time this week.
I’m going to share with you a list I made of reasons. Just so you can get an idea of why people are frugal. Then I’ll let you in on what we determined our families goal is.
1. You can’t afford not to be. While maybe not the best reason, since no one likes to do what they have to do, low income and job loss make this a common one in today’s society.
2. You’d like to maintain a single income so mom can stay home with the kids. Much more inspiring then you “have” to.
3. You’re trying to reduce your imprint. This is the category recycling-type guru’s fall into.
4. You want to live a simpler lifestyle. You may not think, with all the coupon/deal shopping talk, that being frugal is simple, but it is.
5. You want to pay off your house before you’re 40. I remember a few years ago my sister-in-law made her first mortgage payment the same month grandma and grandpa made their last payment. I really don’t want to still be paying on my house in 30+ years. Do you?
6. You want to purchase your first house with cash. Don’t laugh, it’s totally possible. Read about Money Saving Mom’s journey.
7. You want to retire a multi-millionaire. Who doesn’t?
8. You want to live debt free.
9. Your church leaders tell you to. Again, not a fabulous motivator, but better than nothing.
10. You want to be a good example for your kids.
While all of these reasons are excellent and play a part in why I think it is important to be frugal here is me and my husband’s reason:
When we retire we want to be able to serve a mission (or two or three) for our church. We can’t do that as easily with a huge burden of debt and no savings. For us this will require a lot of work since we have a fine mortgage, not much savings, and relatively low income.
So, before you commit to a frugal lifestyle make sure you know what your goal is. Define it clearly and keep it in mind as you swim against the current of mainstream society.

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