Frugal Friends: Napkins

Several months ago I came across these lovely cloth napkins on clearance at Kohl’s for $.39 ea. I bought all they had. We now use them for dinner almost every night.
My oldest daughter takes it upon herself to fold them as crazy as possible. There have been bunnies, triangles, circles, spears and boxes. A nicely set table always brings a smile to my face.
Our girls have also learned napkin etiquette. They place them on their laps when they sit down to dinner. And, if someone needs to leave the table for some reason, the girls prompt us to place the napkin on our chair so nobody will think we’re done eating.
These little cloth napkins are also saving me money. I haven’t had to buy the paper disposable napkins. I don’t have to wash our napkins every night because they mostly stay on our laps. The occasional spill or face wipe sends the napkin into the dirty clothes hamper to be washed with the rest of the towels. Daughter number 2 has the chore of folding them nicely and putting them in the kitchen drawer.
My loaves of bread are also the perfect size to raise under one of these napkins. I’m also pretty sure the napkins have spent time as doll blankets and dresses.
I consider the $.39 I spent to be well worth the joy and use we get out of these little pieces of cloth and I’ll be on the lookout for more to add to our collection.
It’s just something that Works for Us.
For more ideas check out the master Works For Me Wednesday Round-up at We Are THAT Family.


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